Telemedicine Solutions


The solution for cardiology diagnostics in Clinics/Pharmacies

Cardioconsolle is a highly customizable commercial configuration, the perfect answer for clinics and pharmacies thanks to the integration with resting ECG, Holter ECG and Holter ABPM. 

The solution includes the acquisition units, a notebook with pre-installed software, a dedicated trolley, and a carry case for the devices. Some electrodes are included for the first applications.

With CardioConsolle you can access the reporting platform to download the digitally signed reports


The solution for the mobile cardiology diagnostics

CardioPack is a commercial configuration, highly customizable which can be configured as required by each user: the perfect solution for cardiac monitoring in the home or the presence of mobile needs such as ambulance services.

Integrated with resting ECG devices, Holter ECG and Holter ABPM devices. 


This is a web platform, ideal for telemedicine applications

ECGWebApp is GDPR compliant. It can receive and store ECG exams in its datables. ECGWebApp Holter can also manage the full Holter ECG workflow and ECGWebApp ABPM can menage the ABPM full procedure too.