Integrated solution for patients at home or on the move



Basic equipment of CardioPack includes an HD+ (ECG acquisition unit) with carry case, an Holter ECG recorder and an Holter ABPM device. CardioPack supports test acquisition, transmission and reporting  for telemedicine applications. Acquired data is transmitted by means of a Windows or Android Tablet ensuring high processing capacity and portability.

Supports recordingtransmission and reporting in telemedicine. Optionally, a Windows or Android tablet is available, ensuring high processing capacity and high portability.

This solution offers high quality, robust devices, portability and is GDPR compliant.

CARDIOPACK can be configured as required by each user, the perfect solution for cardiac monitoring in the home or the presence of mobile needs such as ambulance services.

Innovative service model application available, combining acquired test results with cardiology reading services to provide end to end customer solutions.

CardioPack Silver

  • Cardiopack SilverECG
  • Cardiopack SilverHOLTER
  • Cardiopack SilverABPM
  • Cardiopack SilverHOLTERPLUS

CardioPack Gold

  • Cardiopack GoldECG+HOLTER
  • Cardiopack GoldECG+ABPM
  • Cardiopack GoldHOLTER+ABPM
  • Cardiopack GoldECG+HOLTERPLUS
  • Cardiopack GoldABPM+HOLTERPLUS

CardioPack Platinum

  • Cardiopack Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTER
  • Cardiopack Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTERPLUS