Integrated system for cardiology diagnostics



This is the solution for cardiology diagnostics in clinics and pharmacies. CardioConsolle integrates with ECG, Holter ECG and Holter ABPM. The solution includes the devices, a notebook with pre-installed software (GDPR compliant), dedicated trolleycarry case for the devices, and a wide range of technical support services as well as a Full Risk Programme. 

Some electrodes are also included for the first applications. 

With CardioConsolle you can send digital exams to externals reporting platforms and access the platform to download the digitally signed reports

CardioConsolle Silver

  • Cardioconsole SilverECG
  • Cardioconsole SilverHOLTER
  • Cardioconsole SilverABPM
  • Cardioconsole SilverHOLTERPLUS

CardioConsolle Gold

  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+HOLTER
  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+ABPM
  • Cardioconsole GoldHOLTER+ABPM
  • Cardioconsole GoldECG+HOLTERPLUS
  • Cardioconsole GoldABPM+HOLTERPLUS

CardioConsolle Platinum

  • Cardioconsole Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTER
  • Cardioconsole Platinum ECG+ABPM+HOLTERPLUS