12-lead option for the
professional ECG Holter Line

Clickholter with recording capability of up to 7 days



  • High resolution recordings with user selectable sampling rates of 250/500/1000 samples/second.
  • 5/7/10 wire patient cable options for 3 to 12 lead recordings.
  • Signal bandwidth equivalent or superior to resting ECG.
  • Recordings up to 7 days.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface. Recorder is equipped with a color LCD display with 4-way joystick that allows for easy navigation of menus.
  • Voice recorder for patient identification.
  • Light and small: only 100g for maximum patient comfort.
  • User manual
  • Patient cable IEC, 5 lead
  • Patient cable IEC, 10 lead
  • Disposable snap electrodes, 25 pcs
  • Alkaline Battery AA 1.5 Volt
  • Pouch for walk400h
  • Warranty, 24 months
  • Walk400h recorder ECG TEL
  • Holter ECG main patient cable, 5 wire
  • Holter ECG main patient cable, 7 wire
  • Holter ECG main patient cable, 10 wire
  • USB connecting cable for Walk400h
  • Walk400h belt pouch
  • Disposable Holter/Stress Test snap electrodes, 25 pcs
  • Fixing system for patient cable