touchECG System
Android configuration

Wireless connectivity for tablet and smartphone


touchECG System - Android configuration

Comfortablelightweightwireless, fully diagnostic 12 lead ECG acquisition unit.

Extremely high signal quality with very low noise. Exceeds the most stringent standards for ECG acquisition (AAMI, AHA).

Low power consumption technology allows for more than 10 hours of continuous usage (greater than 500 ECG’s).

What else?

Next generation PC-ECG application, designed for Android tablets and smartphones.

Ease of use and portability make it ideal for telemedicine and emergency applications where time and precision matter.

Our touchECG System for Android is fully integrable with Hospital PACS and HIS through bidirectional DICOM data flow (optional). Furthermore it natively integrates to ECGWebApp platform, the ECG management system for editing, storage and reporting totally based on web technology.

  • Important Information
  • HD+ users manual
  • USB back-up memory stick and u.m.
  • ECG acquisition unit HD+
  • ECG patient cable IEC, 10 wires, snap.
  • Silicone protective shell for HD+
  • Disposable ECG snap electrodes, 500 pcs
  • Alkaline battery AAA 1,5 volt (1 pc)
  • Warranty,  24 months
  • TouchECG HD+ Android reusable
  • TouchECG HD+ Android AHA
  • TouchECG HD+ Android reusable AHA
  • Glasgow ECG Interpretation
  • TouchECG Android/Windows Option
  • Database limitation Android
  • USB/Bluetooth adapter for PC
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr.clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr. neutral clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 4 periph. ECG electr. pediatric clamp Ag/Agl
  • Set of 6 periph. ECG electr. suction chests Ag/agcl
  • ECG Disposable electrodes, tab, 100 pcs
  • ECG Disposable electrodes, tab, 70 pcs
  • Disposable ECG neonatal electrodes, 25 pcs
  • Disposable ECG plug electrodes, 60 pcs
  • Disposable ECG snap electrodes, 50 pcs
  • 10 snap/tab electrode adaptors for 4mm plug ECG cables
  • Extension kit Patient cabe 10 wire, plug
  • Snap adapters for 4 mm plugs
  • ECG electrode gel, 260 ml
  • ECG patient cable IEC, 10 wires, plug
  • ECG patient cable IEC, 10 wires, snap
  • Brother B/W WiFi printer
  • Graph paper, A4, 500 sheets, 1 pc. for touchECG
  • Graph paper, A4, 500 sheets, 5 pcs for touchECG
  • Silicone protective shell for HD+
  • Trolley tablet 8-10″
  • Tablet Android 8″ 4G/WiFi
  • Tablet Windows 10″ 4G/WiFi