ECG Data Management System

Extensive connectivity and integration possibilities (DICOM / HL7)



ECGWebApp is an innovative, state of the art web platform for ECG exams reporting and storage. The platform is GDPR compliant.

Users are given access through any web browser, with no need for individual PC-based installation.

ECGWebApp receives ECGs from Cardioline and third parties’ devices and stores them in SCP format its database. Stress ECG exams are stored in PDF format

Depending on the user’s permissions, it is possible to view, print, download and/or report exams, profile/manage/edit patients data as well as sending units and users. 

ECGWebApp is a very flexible and powerful tool, highly scalable, which can be included in large web infrastructures as well as intranet networks.

ECGWebApp is perfectly adaptable to any scenario, from complex e-health networks, to hospital storage, to single physician‘s office.

Web technology allows for opimal workflow management, without compromise at low cost. ECGWebApp can be easily integrated with PACS, EMR and HIS, to receive exam bookings, retrieve patient records, store final reports.

  • ECGWebApp software
  • Important Information
  • Administrator guide
  • USB dongle hardware license key
  • ECGWebApp
  • ECGWebApp ABPM
  • 1-5 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 6-10 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 11-20 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • 21-30 (devices and Unlimited User)
  • Unlimited (Unlimited User)
  • Full (vers.Unlimited & Option included)
  • GDPR Option
  • DICOM Option
  • HL7 Option
  • MAIL Option
  • PDF Option
  • Qualified digital signature option
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