Holter monitoring

Next generation holter monitoring solutions using a new concept analysis software developed for a rapid review of 24/48h or one-week recordings. The Recording devices differ in terms of the number of recording channels, the duration of recording, and the required data resolution.

Walk Free

3 channel “patch” ECG Holter recorder. Walk Free is a cable-free solution with sampling rate of 250 samples/second.

Discrete, small and lightweight (30 g), it is applied with standard electrodes and, having no cables, allows the patient to perform all daily activities with maximum freedom of movement.

Recordings up to 9 days with a single battery.

Clickholter ECG​

Next generation ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with sampling rate of 250 samples/second for 24/48 hours or one week (7 day configuration).

5 or 7 wire patient cable.

Voice recorder patient identification.


Next generation 3-12 lead ECG Holter recorder – High resolution recordings with user selectable sampling rates of 250/500/1000 samples/second up to 7 days and to 1000 Hz.

5/7/10 wire patient cable options for 3 to 12 lead recordings.

Light and small: only 100g for maximum patient comfort.

Cubeholter Software

Cubeholter is a next generation Holter analysis software, designed for fast and reliable review of multi-day ECG recordings. Workflow is streamlined and operations are simplified, from recorder preparation to printing of the final report.
Cubeholter analysis software is the best solution in a variety of different environments, ranging from single workstation to multi location data upload and reviewing stations.

ECGWebApp Holter

Cardioline’s ECGWebApp Holter is a web database, GDPR compliant, managing full Holter workflow, from the execution of recording to the final reading. Both the uploading stations – where the recordings are prepared and uploaded – and the reading stations, can be placed anywhere within the health institution, or even outside.